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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 8, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: developing tonight at eight. federal authorities have charged. with trying to detonate a car bomb outside a bank of america branch in oakland. close to the oakland airport. the bomb was a dud. part of an undercover operation to stop what prosecutors say, was a deranged man's attempt to start a civil war. that man.28-year-old matthew llaneza of san jose, is behind bars. new at 8. kron-4's alecia reid went to his neighborhood in the south bay. to dig up information on this alleged would be terrorist. >> reporter: this is the
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neighborhood. many people were shocked to find out. >> after speaking with the family. nobody came or left. they started talking to neighbors. only seeing him here, there. he was nice. he came over to greet them. >> the news that the f friendly was building a car bomb and left many for a loss of words. >> it is he moved here from arizona four years now and has been living here for a
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while. >> we are very shocked. >> a little bit worried. >> reporter: in san jose, alecia reed, kron 4. >> pam: we now go live to oakland. and kron-4's j-r stone. who has more on the foiled plot. j.r? f.b.i reports show that matthew llaneza wanted to destroy this bank of america for several reasons and he worked at planning it out for the past two months. first of all he wanted to blow up a bay area bank. his car is right to near that atm. he thought that s u v was full of the bomb but if it did not detonate. the fbi was already involved. the report showing that he wanted to rest destroy this bank for several reasons.
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and planned it out for the next several months. and his our regional fog was to destroy the federal reserve bank but thought there would be too much security. so he came to this location in oakland. and the bay of america was a big name. and he thought that this would be the center of protest. he was working with somebody that the thought had taliban ties. it turns out that person has undercover agencies and would dance with the story. in the and there was no bomb just an arrest. >> some of those fbi documents his plan to go to pakistan and afghanistan and training fighters. that is what he wanted to do after
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this bomb went off. he is now in the-nhl sell jail cell -- according to the complaint llaneza said he would dance exploded. but in the end >> pam: kron-4's grant lodes continues our team coverage. with a better look at where this all happened. the bank of america is in close proximity. and across the street there is a courtyard hotel and the chusushi restaurant with a converter road. a very heavily traveled road. the attack was averted. grant lodes, kron 4. >> a major break in the murder teenager in fairfield one week ago. police have made an arrest.
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32 year-old anthony was taken into custody. he is accused of killing janelle allen. police did not elaborate how he was linked to the crime. right now a vigil is being held at ellen with park. where her body was found phillipe djegal. >> friends, family, tell me that they cannot believe that she is no longer fear. herea major break in the case of the murdered teen found dead in a fairfield park a week ago. police have have made an arrest. investigators took 32-year- old anthony lamar jones into custody early this morning. he is accused of killing 13- year-old genelle conway- allen. who was last seen alive in suisun city. 3- miles away from where her body was found. police did not elaborate as to how jones is linked to
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the crime. but they believe he acted alone. right now. a vigil is being held for genelle at alan philippe.? many people did not even know her but there were so touched by her story. i also spoke with the family members that are glad to hear that anthony lamar is the arrested. but that is still not take away the pain. how difficult is it for you to talk about her in the past tense? >> it is not good. she should not be in the past tense. i keep waiting for her to show up. >> issue is beautiful, smart a wonderful little girl. - she was beautiful, talented and love life.
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>> issue was so sweet and so nice. she went through a slot. she was so sweet and she went through--a lot she was an inspiration. >> reporter: that is another makeshift memorial wishing her the best of luck. the family members wanted to make a point to thank the fairfield police department. oftentimes in these cases they have to wait months sometimes years foreclosure. however, in this case they were able to act fast. in fairfield, kron 4 news. >> pam: following the arrest of anthony lamar early this morning, the fairfield
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police department was busy all day visiting several locations across the city. collected evidence for their investigation. has details. >> reporter: friday morning in fairfied in the 1100 block of east this is only a few blocks away from where the last known photograph genelle allen was taken by a security camera at the corner of tabor and grand circle. the arrest was made, 3 miles miles away from allan witt park, where genelles body was found in a parking last friday morning. also today investigators visted two sites at other locations in fairfeild including a barber shop at 1259 oliver road, about a mile north of allan witt park. even further north, csi teams were working at residence in the 2500 block of clipper lane. now, as of friday evening we do not have confirmation that these are part of the investigation into genelle conway's murder. in the newsroom. charles >> pam: authorities searched more than 200 cabins today.
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looking for former los angeles police officer christopher dorner. the man suspected of going on a deadly rampage leaving three people dead. police say, they expect to finish their search of the cabins in the southern california town of big bear lake this evening. christopher dorner is believed to have fled to that area, after killing three people. including a police officer. to get back at those he blamed for ending his police career. he says he was fired in 2008 for being a whistle blower. police found his burned out truck in the area yesterday. there is a possibility that he is out here that is why we are out here searching. at least a dozen two-man units that will remain through the night. and again tomorrow. they will have ground search is going on. >> pam: new tonight -- the
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accused cop killer gaining popularity online. one site even calling him a hero -- kron4's terisa estacio reports. >> reporter: on this facebook page entitled. christoperh dorner is a freedom fighter - one of the comments calls dorner a hero for quote:"turning in bad cops" it goes on to say quote, corruption has gone too far." calling dorner a hero was a common theme. on all of the sites. take a look at this site. entitled. the christopher support and fan page - it has 100 likes. when we found it on the web. one person left this comment. chris, i hope your story is heard and the truth will come out. and take a look at this page. the site is entitled, we stand with christoperh dorner. a woman left this comment.. i have read the manifesto. i understand where he is coming from. lapd is known for it's violence and brutality. and there was this page - the chrisopther dorner appreciation society. it was the most popular of the facebook pages. with 147 likes. and the number kept growing throughout the day.
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we found this comment on this site. one woman wrote. i support your feelings. and lastly there was this site. the christopher dorner support page. in total there are about half a dozen pages with many people expressing some type of encouragement. terisa estacio, kron4 news. at this hour. the east coast is getting hammered by a powerful winter strom. bringing wind. freezing rain. and lots and lots of snow. this is a live picture from boston. which is bracing for what could be a historic snowfall. as much as three- feet of snow. could be produced from this powerful system. we've just learned power has been knocked out to 350- thousand homes in the new york and new england region. travel is becoming increasingly difficult as the storm presses on. hundreds of flights into and out of the region are either delayed or cancelled. we'll have more on the bay area impact. later in this newscast. >> jacqueline: let us take a look at the heavy snowfall through several states. this is churning up the coast.
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and it is intensifying up to the north because there is another system that is feeding cold air into it. as we take a closer look boston. that did de plume representing very heavy snowfall at this hour. 1 in. of snowfall and it was still linger. we are going to see gusting wind fall. that is probably why the wind was knocked out with 2 ft. possibly more. of accumulations by tomorrow morning. >> pam: still ahead at eight. san francisco's chief of police goes one on one with kron-4. about the new developments in the kevin collins disappearance. a violent home invasion in san jose. who interrupted the burglars in the middle of the crime. >> and personal e-mails and photographs of two former presidents. posted online. how the sensitive information may have been
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acquired. ñáçwçñ
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half >> pam: new at 8 oclock. san francisco police chief greg suhr sat down with kron four news today about the renewed search for kevin collins. on wednesday at this news conference - san francisco police chief greg suhr. revealed how the department's cold case unit. uncovered new information about the kevin collins disappearance. including how they are now calling dan therrian - a person of interest. therrian - who had a criminal record. including lewdness with a minor. was interviewed shortly after kevin went missing in 1984. kron four's terisa estacio talked with the chief about whether he has any regrets about how the case was handled years ago. and how he is personally committed to finding kevin's killer. >> reporter: sf police chief greg suhr had only been on the force for a few years
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when kevin collins went missing. >> ttthere wasn't a lead we didn't follow. from feb 10 in 1984, whatever. it was a city mission to find that boy. >> reporter: and according to suhr - it was also a peron misison then. and now. 21 25 people will say..hey >> did you find that boy. and we know exactly, they are taling about kevein collins. >> reporter: suhr says - he is not surprised that after all o fthese years, dectivtives are finding new leads - such as now calling this man, dan therrian a person of interest. dept. at the location. i am sure that it is the police department that is regretful the we do not have the tools at that point, such as current dna and at that point cadaver dogs were fairly new. >> reporter: the chief wouldn't reveal- they are working on any new leads. or whether they will be going back to search the house where their new person of interest, dan therrian once lived again. only this
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promise. >> if we get more information we will go anywhere we need to go to get closer to this case it is not about of pretending it is about in the if it is about him. it is about- apprehending -- it is not a path that summit is about to bring in closure to the family. >> pam: today the pentagon held a farewell ceremony for retiring defense secretary leon panetta. the 74-year-old panetta.. plans to remain on the job for another couple of weeks, while his llikely successor. former senator chuck hagel. awaits senate approval. panetta spent nearly four decades in washington as a congressman from california. federal budget director. white house chief of staff. and c-i-a director. where he oversaw the operation that killed osama bin laden. >> it's been for me, a hell of a ride. i will never forget the pride and exhilaration when i walked out of the white house after the president announced the success of the bin laden operation.
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>> pam: president barack obama praised the military's progress under panetta's watchful eye. pointing to the repeal of a ban on gays openly serving in the military. and the recent expansion of combat roles for women. >> the secret service is investigating the publication of private photographs of former presidents george h-w bush and george w bush. they appear to have been stolen from family e-mail accounts. the e-mails appeared on a gossip web site yesterday. the emails were between several members of the bush family. and delved into personal family topics, scheduling matters. and contact information for dozens of extended bush relatives. the bush family said, it would not comment because the matter is now a criminal investigation. >> jacqueline: we are seeing clear skies if not a cloud
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in sight. with clear skies and cold temperatures. current temperatures 40's in vallejo. 424 livermore. 40's in sunnyvale. we will be dropping into the 30's pretty much everywhere. cold inland. for tomorrow we will definitely rebound nicely. temperatures rebounding nicely but we are going to warm up even nicer next week. a dry pattern. let us take a look at temperatures. pretty chilly. very dry. and it looks like the wind will stay c calm with fog expected overnight. and for the inland valley locations away from the coast freezing temperatures. 35 in san jose
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the same in the sunnyvale but a little bit warmer along the coast. warming a few degrees with 50s in the south bay. 50s also in san jose. for the east bay inland valleys 55 with upper 50s for the east bay shore. low 50s along the coast. 50s in daly city and los 60s in santa rosa and a napa. as for the sierras? this could be a great weekend. with better road conditions possible. and also slightly warmer temperatures. a look at your extended forecast and for the extended forecast. temperatures for the low 60s. even upper 60s by the end of the week. we
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will keep you posted as it gets closer. gabe slate tech report this new gadget could drastically improve some of his golf game it. >> coming up later the warriors grizzlies and the 2013 pebble beach pro-am is underway now and tim lincecum showing a new hair cut.
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>> pam: the 2013 pebble beach is under way more than $9 -million dollars for charity. the tournament is being played at 3 -courses. two in pebble beach. and one ina little closer to home, a silicon valley tech start=up has invented a golf gadget which is getting a lot of buzz. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate shows you how the new swing tip gadget. can improve your golf game. >> i have seen a lot that
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ahead at 8-30. how air travel in the bay and why san francisco police. apparently can't do anything to stop it. about all fraudulent auto repair. >> jacqueline: with a chilly conditions. more on your forel forecast and the north east storms ptl' and north -- full forecas and defeat northeast storm northeast the storm.
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>> pam: now for a look at our top stories at eight- thirty. f-b-i agents thwart a plot to bomb a bank of america branch in oakland. 28-year-old matthew llaneza an undercover operation. where authorities say, agents gave him a phony car bomb. which he allegedly tried to detonate with a cell phone.
8:33 pm
llaneza is charged with the attempted use of of a weapon of mass destruction. an arrest has been made in the murder of a 13-year-old suisun city girl whose body was found in a park in fairfield a week ago. 32-year-old anthony lamar jones was taken into custody today, and charged with killing 13-year-old genelle conway-allen. police believe jones acted alone. and right now, the east coast is being battered by a powerful storm that is expected to drop as much as 3-feet of snow in some areas. as many as 25- million people are being affected by strong winds. heavy snow. and freezing rain. hundreds of flights into and out of the region have been dozens of flight delays and
8:34 pm
cancelations at s-f-o. because of the nasty weather back east. at least 60 flights to east coast destinations have been affected so far out of sfo. kron4's rob fladeboe was there with stranded travellers. >> reporter: this should give you an idea, of these lines at united. each of these people have been impacted. the united to set up this special online. these cancellations. this couple have been in oakland, new zealand. they are trying to get back to virginia they have been in auckland.... new zealand. >> reporter: of striding? >> if all goes well but we are just being cautiously optimistic. >> reporter: after 45 minutes. >> we got rebooked through
8:35 pm
houston and we are going to go from san francisco houston, nor focu and from hous- to norfolk, virginia. new york, boston, new yo newark, new jersey and even some chicago o'hare. san francisco, rob fladeboe, kron 4. >> jacqueline: is easy to see those cancellations with the region. we have these conditions that are strengthening. it is feeding cold air. helping the snow even worse. really heavy rainfall. it is still turning to snowfall with very, very heavy snowfall through several states. that dark and deep blue with
8:36 pm
nearly 1 in. per hour in some locations. when this will stick around several hours on heavy snowfall could see 2 ft. or more connecticut, massachusetts. >> pam: only on kron 4-- we have uncovered what police are calling fraudulent car repairs.right here in san francisco. we've obtained these pictures from a victim who says a man claiming to be a mechanic approached her at crissy field offering to fix this damage to the vehicle. the victim paid the man 120- dollars to fix half of it. next day to complete the job. a local mechanic we spoke to with bogus car fix-it offers. we spoke to police aboutthey say its is not a a surprise. >> it started to rain and we
8:37 pm
surmised that it was cornstarch with the liquid food coloring. the part that did not wash off looked pretty good. >> pam: they say that it is not criminal matter. because the victim agreed to the business deal. the victim can however file a civial complaint. in bay area news. >> a san jose man was injured. after he surprised a trio of burglars late this afternoon. police were called here to northcreek drive in the santa teresa neighborhood of san jose. where a resident reported her home had been robbed. the suspects, possibly armed with a stolen firearm, managed to elude a police dragnet and remain at large. the victim says, she heard noises in an upstairs bedroom. and ran to a neighbor's house for help.
8:38 pm
>> all i heard some iraq it. i run to the door. and pressed to the door shut i was going to try to hold them there. the first guy came and i hit him. and the second guy pulled out a gun and hit me and hit my cap off. and then i my neighbor called the police. otherwise, fuller says one of the burglars opened a cut behindjust a little shook up. police continue to investigate. the suspects men in their 20's. dead on arrival. is back behind bars
8:39 pm
tonight. police in concord are looking for the driver who used a stolen truck to break into a t-mobile cell-phone sotre. the crash happened just before 6 this morning at the clayton valley shopping center. police say the thief grabbed several phones. then took off. leaving the truck behind. investigators are looking to see if this incident is releated to a similar smash and grab at a game stop in the same shopping center >> pam: health officials say the worst of the flu season appears to be over. the number of states reporting intense flu symptoms dropped again last week. the flu activity has been dropping for at least four weeks. and deaths from the flu have dropped in the last two weeks. health officals say this flu season started about a month earlier than normal. and it's been nine years since a flu season started like this one, and it proved to be one of the deadliest. >> if it seems like everyone you know is on facebook, you're mostly right. more than two-thirds of americans are users of the social network. but as alison kosik explains, more and more people are starting to feel a little facebook fatigue. >> reporter: there is such thing as 'too much of a good thing. that's why more than 60- percent of facebook users say they've taken extended breaks from the social media site. and it looks like that number is about to get
8:40 pm
bigger. according to a pew research survey - 27-percent of facebook users say they plan to use the site less in 2013. looking at their past behavior, 21-percent said the reason for their social media sabbatical boiled down to simply not having enough time. ten percent said it was a waste of time. while another 10 percent just weren't interested in what the site was offering. drama and gossip were deterrents for 9 percent. interestingly enough - only a small number cited privacy concerns as the reason for their break. college students interviewed by cnn weighed in with other reasons as well. >> "too many people to keep up with" >> "i think facebook has just gone to the far left of what it used to be" but not everyone who leaves facebook comes back - pew found that 20 percent of adults online without a current facebook account - used to use the site.
8:41 pm
with the number of untapped facebook users dwindling - experts say, it's key for the site to find ways to keep its members active. along with ways to make money off of them. >> coming up speed bombbumps causing drivers... drive around them. coming up andstanley roberts
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>> now for today's market update. stocks end the week slightly higher. despite thin trading because of the huge winter storm battering the northeast. on wall street. the dow rose 48-points to close just shy of 14- thousand. the nasdaq gained 28-points. and the s-and-p 500 picked up 8-points to close at its highest point since november 2007. the u-s postal service delivered a one-point-three- billion-dollar loss in the last three months of 2012. the volume of first-class mail was down four-and-a- half percent. but shipping and package volume increased four-percent.
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the thu.s. postal service®, no businusess too small. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving attention to the gold honda accord notice how the driver is driving on the shoulder and stays on s stop the video here these are speed humps they were installed on kent street in kentfield slow down drivers rol the video e here is the very same honda a few days later doing exact same thing, except this time this tree trimming truck is preventing him from driving on the shoulder since there are no sidewalks here pedestrians have to walk on the shoulder to get
8:47 pm
around a lot of the pedestrians are children some drivers simply drive along and wait till the last second to swerve over and avoid the speed hump and some straddle the hump by driving on the shoulder but one wheel still hitting the humps this driver in the pick up truck actually crosses over the double yellow and parks on the wrong side of the road now i know what many of you are thinking, man law enforcement would have a field day with this but would believe there is no ticket that can be issued for this because there need s to be sinage that reads no driving on shoulder however driving parking oppisite of the double yellow lines is so for right now its just rude and unsafe behavior, some residents argue that these humps make it hard for emergency vehicles but to me it looks like its makd it easier for drivers to speed around the spped humps now i'm no expert but this looks like a clear case of county engineers behaving badly that's my story and i'm sticking with it in kentfield stanley roberts kron if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot-com chief amon
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>> jacqueline: temperatures and ithey are going to even warm up with upper 50s and sunday. 60s towards monday. let us take a look at futurecast. by 7:00 a.m., more 30's. and some 40's near the coast. temperatures from warming into the '50s with the low 50s like our inland valleys. and mid upper 50s if you do have plans you want to bring the jacket. it is going to be rather chilly. as for tomorrow let us take a look. it is likely that we will see fog in that region. and warmer conditions near the coast as i mentioned. 35 and
8:49 pm
the san jose 33 and concord freezing in vallejo. for the afternoon temperatures will be warming up with several decrees the warming. upper 50s. 56 in santa clara. 50s and concord. low 50s expected. even low 60s for tomorrow. a look at your extended forecast. as we take a look at the mild conditions and plenty of sunshine. we will keep you posted. >> pam: tim lincecum. and
8:50 pm
the warriors with the grizzlies and highlights with sports and jason coming up.
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8:52 pm
>> welcome back the warriors are going to the all stars. antar in the lineup. and they missed them. andrew-and the lineup.
8:53 pm
26-memphis. currie will battled back in this shooter out. 32 points for the game. the dagger just less than two minutes to go. the final, memphis, the warriors have lost three straight games. at&t pebble beach round two.and the big question is always - will the weather cooperate? and for the second straight day the answer was fact, a gorgeous.though a bit chilly day at pebble beach. bill murray, john madden. bill murray, taking home and baked cookies from the the crowd and passing them out. and this birdie putt was
8:54 pm
also made into bill murray takes his ball out and throws it to the gallery. the 17th hole. j.j. henry shot just one under. with seven shots back. he birdied three of the last five holes. and jim harbaugh he and jason day care are leading at 18 under. of course his thoughts are still on the super bowl. >> we have really been able to enjoy the time off. and how we can get ready for next year. maybe we will have some of bread but it is a new day. >> as for the last time they
8:55 pm
have is spoken here in it is. >> congratulations. >> that was it. they have not spoken since the post- game handshake. they will definitely speak at the n f l, buying. and it seems li the nfl it is a brother thing. >> i spoke with my sister each and every day. but they are coaches. it's been five days since the super bowl.and in case your wondering when the last time the two harbaugh each other, as for the non call at the end of the game that some niner fans are still upset jack harbaugh pretty much a no comment on a national radio show today >> i do not want to go there, as you can imagine. (background laughter on
8:56 pm
radio show) >> with a game like that it goes for 60 minutes. i do not think it will realize the ramifications. and it was really amazing. >> i do not know how he they could have done that. and it took five days but now we finally know as for the black-out that caused a 34 minute delay. mystery finally solved as we know it wasn't due to the halftime show. blackout mystery solved as we know it wasn't due to the halftime show. no the blackout that city officials called, "the most talked about 34 minutes in the history of electricity" was caused by an electrical relay device. the device tripped because the electrical load exceeded the setting at which the device would trip. basically if it would have been set at a higher setting the blackout would never have happened. in fact the device worked fine for the three previous events held at the super dome. bottom line - the company that supplied electricity to
8:57 pm
the super bowl took the blame - so that's that. giants fanfest tomorrow, then off to spring training next week. yep, baseball is here just in time for the post- football blues. and today the giants did a little session with the media and take a look at tim lincecum and his new haircut. kind of a harry potter look. tim lincecum new hair do and today the giants did a little session with the media and take a look at tim lincecum and his new haircut. kind of a harry potter look. a fresh new "do" - maybe to represent a fresh start after he struggled most of last year now he looks 12 years old, instead of 15. >> something new and different >> we did not realize that you wore glasses? >> it is more of just a blocthe lock a look.. >> and the fact is that i
8:58 pm
like it. it looks like the brian wilson era is over and he will want guaranteed money it's looking more and more like the brian wilson era is over in san francisco says they potentially want wilson back but it would have to be an incentive based deal brian wilson and giants general manager brian wilson want him back but it would based deal willing to give him that terms and that he's baffled by sabean's comments that wilson is rehabbing in said to be about 90% - and doesn't want to talk if you have a question or >> pam: thank you, >> jacqueline: a cold night. >> have a great weekend. >> pam: good night.
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